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Poodle lamps and a lifesize glitter panther: Inside Craig Revel Horwood’s glamorous home

Poodle lamps and a lifesize glitter panther: Inside Craig Revel Horwood’s glamorous home

Craig Revel Horwood has opened the doors to his “Disneyesque” home in Northamptonshire.

The house has seven bedrooms and a three-story turret, with the bottom two floors dedicated to a spiral cellar that can hold 2,000 bottles of wine.

Describing his decorating style to The Times, the Strictly Come Dancing judge, 58, said: “I like old exteriors, but a modern interior – ultra-sleek designer stuff.”

“On the top floor I have my bathroom, where I lie in the bath and can see the lake,” he said.

A swimming pool, along with two gum trees, was what initially appealed to the former professional dancer about the house.

In a nod to the Australian-British dancer’s roots, one of the rooms in his house is called “the Australia suite” and “has koala lamps and aboriginal art”.

Revel Horwood, who is best known for his cutting critiques on the BBC dancing show, said in the interview that he moved every few years as a child because his father was in the navy.

He moved back to the town where he was born, Ballarat in Victoria, Australia, when he was 12.

Craig Revel Horwood appearing on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing (BBC)
Craig Revel Horwood appearing on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing (BBC)

Despite the fact that three generations of his family were from Ballarat, he confessed that he couldn’t wait to leave because of the homophobia he experienced growing up in the town.

“I was quite effeminate and I was a dancer so I got teased,” Horwood said.

“The mentality in Australia in the 1970s was that a man was meant to be a man, and a woman stayed at home.”

Disclosing his plans for decorating, Horwood said that he will design one room in a glamorous 1930s style with “gold cocktail shakers, drinks trolleys and palm trees”.

The former Cats and Miss Saigon dancer also hopes to pay homage to his love of theatre with a backstage butler’s kitchen that has a secret door to “hide the mess”.

“It’s like having a backstage kitchen, which is theatrical of me,” he commented.

Other details include a cabaret lounge with a “white piano and a lifesize glitter panther you can sit on” as well as an all-black-and-white Hollywood-themed room.

“A Fred Astaire and Ginger-Rogers-type affair,” he said.

Meanwhile, in the “Paris room”, Revel Horwood proudly displays his poodle lamps brought with him from his previous home.

He relocated to the property from Hampshire in October 2021 to be closer to his fiancé’s family.

Revel Horwood has been dating Jonathan Myring, 36, a horticulturist and trainee paramedic, since 2018.

The couple announced their engagement in 2020 and are reportedly planning their wedding for 2024.

Strictly Come Dancing airs on BBC One this Saturday at 6.15pm.