Pompeo slams Huawei; praises Telstra

Peter Mitchell, AAP US Correspondent
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says countries are starting to avoid doing business with Huawei

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has cited Australia's Telstra as an example of the global "tide turning" against Chinese tech giant Huawei.

The Trump administration has been lobbying countries to block Huawei from accessing 5G networks.

Mr Pompeo said Telstra in Australia, Orange in France, Jio in India and O2 in the United Kingdom have become "Clean Telcos".

"The tide is turning against Huawei as citizens around the world are waking up to the danger of the Chinese Communist Party's surveillance state," Mr Pompeo said.

"Huawei's deals with telecommunications operators around the world are evaporating, because countries are only allowing trusted vendors in their 5G networks.

"Examples include the Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Estonia, Romania, Denmark and Latvia.

"Recently, Greece agreed to use Ericsson rather than Huawei to develop its 5G infrastructure.

"Some of the largest telecom companies around the globe are also becoming 'Clean Telcos'.

"We've seen this with Orange in France, Jio in India, Telstra in Australia, SK and KT in South Korea, NTT in Japan, and O2 in the United Kingdom."

"A few weeks ago, the big three telecommunications companies in Canada decided to partner with Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung because public opinion was overwhelmingly against allowing Huawei to build Canada's 5G networks."