Polls close in Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner election

Ballot box
[PA Media]

Polls have closed in the election of a new police, fire and crime commissioner (PFCC).

Polling stations opened at 07:00 BST and closed at 22:00 for the election of Northamptonshire's PFCC after Stephen Mold announced he was standing down.

The fire service element of the job came into effect in 2019.

Constituents needed photo ID to vote. The result will be announced at Benham Sports Centre in Northampton on Friday.

Three candidates are standing to replace the Conservative PFCC: Martyn Emberson (Conservative), Ana Savage Gunn (Liberal Democrat) and Danielle Stone (Labour).

Before 2019, the post had just been as a police and crime commissioner (PCC), a separation many other counties still maintain.

The successful candidate will hold a four-year term.

PFCCs must ensure police forces and fire services function effectively, but do not run these organisations themselves.

They hold them to account and scrutinise their performances on behalf of the public.

Chief constables and chief fire officers are appointed by PFCCs and they can dismiss them, if necessary.

It is also their job to set the annual budgets for their force and fire service and decide the level of the slices of council tax dedicated to police and fire funding.

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