Politics Is So Scary Now Kids Want To Dress Up As Politicians For Halloween

Nancy Groves
·2-min read

No, it’s not even Halloween yet – though you’d be forgiven for thinking it was given the week of shocks we’ve had.

However, two kids are already vying for best dress-up of 2020 with their scarily accurate takes on two of our political leaders.

Jacob Ferguson, seven, from Coatbridge in North Lanarkshire, nailed such a spot-on impression of Nicola Sturgeon at one of her coronavirus press conferences that even the Scottish first minister was singing his praises.

“Ye were telt, stay in the hoose, nai parties, save lives,” Jacob as mini-Sturgeon says, in a video that has since gone viral – before hobbling off camera, complaining: “Och, my feet are killing me, where’s my clicky pen? Frank, get the door. I want a haggis supper, and make sure it’s deep fried.”

Jacob’s mum, doctor Alyson Welsh, posted the video of her son on Friday – dolled up in a blond wig and the kind of snappy look we’ve come to expect from Sturgeon in her regular Coronavirus briefings.

“It’s all gone a bit crazy and we’re a bit overwhelmed!” Welsh told HuffPost UK.

Jacob has clearly been putting his classes at Glasgow’s UKTheatreSchool to good use. “The wig was the only item we had to buy. The dress is mine and the shoes belong to his cousin,” she added of his costume.

The Scottish first minister was quick to Tweet that the “wee star” had made her day, even suggesting they could “draft him in for the daily briefings”, while Scottish comic Janey Godley reshared the video, saying: “This is the best ever.”

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