Politics overshadows Vic election promises



* Daniel Andrews - Footscray (in the electorate of Footscray, held by Labor on a 28.1 per cent margin in 2018)

* Matthew Guy - Hastings (Hastings, held by Liberals on a 1.1 per cent margin in 2018)



* $34 million live music support package, including cash to support 10,000 gigs over the next four years and $1000 grants for artists

* End freeze on late-night liquor licences in inner Melbourne councils

* New planning overlay laws to protect prominent live music venues


* $20 million to install new lights and solar panels for almost 400 tennis clubs across Victoria

* $150 million home grown events fund to assist planning, attracting and re-starting local festivals, concerts and events

* $1 million in grants for venues to upgrade and maintain capability

* Review insurance arrangements for creative industry events, planning and liquor licensing regulations and establish an annual Victorian music showcase


* Liberal Leader Matthew Guy moved to distance the party from upper house candidate Renee Heath over her links to a controversial church. Mr Guy said the top Liberal candidate for the Eastern Victorian Region would not sit in the party room if elected at the November 26 poll, and some of her views were not uncovered when she was vetted for preselection.

* The fallout continues from the Liberals accusing the state electoral commission of election interference over its handling of referring Mr Guy and his former chief of staff to the corruption watchdog for further investigation. Mr Guy refused to be drawn on whether the independent body had shown bias, while Labor minister Steve Dimopoulos lamented the "Americanisation of Victorian politics".


* "The Liberal Party are preferencing racists. They are preferencing extremists. They are preferencing black-shirted women-haters. They are preferencing Nazis. All of it needs to be explained by the alternative government" - Premier Daniel Andrews

* "Some of these people have said they want to get a gun and enter Victorian parliament and clean it out. Their parties are running in this election and they're being preferenced by the Liberal Party above us" - Creative Industries Minister Steve Dimopoulos

* "Today, I have spoken with Liberal Candidate Ms Renee Heath to advise that she will not be sitting in the Liberal party room following the election. Neither I, nor the Liberal Party, were aware of information prior to today's report in The Age" - Liberal Leader Matthew Guy

* "The Liberal Party is clearly in meltdown. But they can't play ignorance because they've been told for months that the anti-abortion, transphobic, religious right have been attempting to take over their party" - Greens leader Samantha Ratnam