Police officer's bizarre find inside hidden wall cavity

Nadine Carroll
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Police bodycam has captured the moment a wanted man wearing nothing but his underwear was found hiding inside of a wall.

Greater Manchester Police were performing a raid in a home in Kirby, England, searching for the individual when they spotted a small cubby hole door.

The video shows the police officer using a butter knife to pry the door open before a man emerges wearing just black underwear.

a man hiding in a wall is helped out by police.
Greater Manchester Police were performing a raid in a home when they found a man hiding in a wall. Source: Greater Manchester Police

Officers then lend the man a hand as he awkwardly crawls out of the small hole.

“Some people go to extreme lengths to evade police but this wanted man was today found hiding in a wall… It's fair to say we'll quite literally go through walls to catch those that we're after!” Police wrote on Twitter along with the video of the incident.

The man was placed under arrest on suspicion of two domestic violence offences, a driving offence and on recall to prison, police confirmed.

Queensland mum finds intruder living in ceiling

The video comes as an Australian mother of three found out an intruder had been living in her ceiling for weeks.

Monica Green told Nine News she had noticed strange occurrences in her Rockhampton home such as her security cameras not working and items going missing, but brushed off her concerns as her young children misbehaving.

On Monday when she arrived home unusually early she couldn’t ignore what she saw.

QLD mother Monica Green
QLD mother Monica Green came home early to find an intruder had been living in her ceiling for weeks. Source: Nine News

Ms Green said the television and air-conditioning were switched on while a half-cooked batch of chicken nuggets was sitting on the stove and the backdoor was wide open.

After police inspected the property they found a manhole in the roof slightly open and evidence that someone had been living in the roof.

“I felt violated. I felt like my personal space had been invaded. I felt shocked, terrified, scared,” Ms Green told the Courier Mail.

The mother kept a whiteboard detailing her schedule inside the home, on Monday she had arrived home earlier than indicated on the whiteboard.

Ms Green’s husband is away for work leaving the mother and her children terrified.

'What has this person been doing in my house when I'm not home? Were they trying to harm me or my kids? Did they want one of my kids? Were they going to come down at night and murder us? There's all these unknown questions rolling around in my head,' she told Nine News.

Ms Green said she believes the intruder got inside by stealing her keys and has since had the locks changed but admits she jumps and shakes “at the smallest noise”.

The intruder has not been found.

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