Police warn Bali schoolies over dangerous and illegal 'souvenirs'

Police and Border Force officials have expressed concern that teenagers planning to head overseas to celebrate the end of school could end up with criminal convictions when they return.

In WA, thousands of school leavers have turned their backs on the traditional celebration spots – Rottnest Island and the state’s south-west – in favour of Bali.

They are often at risk of bringing back illegal and dangerous souvenirs that could get them into serious trouble.

Some of the items schoolies have tried to bring back after celebrating in Bali. Source: 7News
More and more school leavers are heading overseas to places like Bali to celebrate. Source: 7 News

Examples of the items some schoolies have brought back to Australia include knives and flick blades, a sword hidden inside a walking stick, tasers disguised as mobile phones, knuckle dusters and throwing stars.

Lasers are some of the most popular items seized, but they can be powerful enough to burn and blind you.

They’re all readily available on the streets of Bali, and Thailand.

A set of knuckle-dusters brought back from Bali. Source: 7News

If such items are brought into the country schoolies can face hefty fines, even criminal convictions.

“If you’re unsure, then obviously be safe, declare that on your incoming passenger card,” Border Force officials advise.

Prescription drugs and wild animals are also a concern, with one student bringing back a snake in a bottle.

Approximately 6000 Australian school leavers head for Bali each year, with overseas hotspots becoming more popular than local destinations in recent years.

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Items such as flick knives can be easily bought on the streets of Bali or Thailand. Source: 7News