Police shooting first test for commission

A new commission will oversee an investigation into a police shooting at Sydney's Central station.

The police shooting of a man at Sydney's Central Station will be the first critical incident investigation to be overseen by the new Law Enforcement Conduct Commission.

Danukul Mokmool, 30, was shot dead after a short stand-off with police on Wednesday night.

The LECC, which commenced operations at the beginning of July, on Friday confirmed it will oversee a police critical incident investigation of the shooting.

The commission was set up following a recommendation from the 2015 Tink review into police oversight.

If the LECC decides the police investigation isn't being conducted properly it can advise NSW Police or the state coroner.

Central Station florist Manuel Theoharis was at his shop on Wednesday evening when Mr Mokmool allegedly grabbed him from behind and threatened him with a bottle.

He managed to escape the man's grip before his attacker grabbed a pair of scissors.

Police shot Mr Mokmool after he allegedly refused to put down the scissors.