Police shoot armed man dead at Brisbane caravan park

An armed man has been shot dead by police north of Brisbane.

Officers called to a Deception Bay caravan park were confronted by a man armed with a machete, sword and tomahawk.

Police officers called to a caravan park at Deception Bay were confronted by a man armed with a machete, sword and tomahawk. Source: 7 News

Concerned residents called police to the Endeavour Caravan Park Monday afternoon after spotting the man with multiple knives acting strangely.

It is understood he was using the machete, sword and tomahawk to first threaten other residents and then police officers when they arrived.

The two experienced officers tried to calm the situation, but at least one of them was forced to shoot when the man lunged toward them.

Police say it’s not yet clear whether one or both of the officers used their weapon, but more than one shot was fired, killing the armed attacker.

Inspector Craig White described the incident as “a terrible tragedy for all concerned”.

Police shot the armed man dead at the Endeavour Residential Caravan Park. Source: 7 News

“Obviously very traumatic for officers and the victims and the family, police service. QPS will provide all assistance necessary to support the officers,” he added.

One neighbour told 7 News police had been attending the caravan park regularly in recent days.

“Our neighbour called us, told what happened. I’m surprised but I’m not shocked because in the month we’ve been living here police cars are in and out of here all the time,” she said.

Neighbours claim police had been attending the caravan park in recent days. Source: 7 News

During the confrontation it’s understood the man also threw one of his weapons at a male Senior Constable, leaving him with a minor cut to his leg.

The incident has left residents in shock, with some saying the victim would often say hello to his neighbours but was a quiet man who kept to himself.

The ethical standards command is investigating.