Police rule no offences committed by Tory candidate

A tweet by a Conservative parliamentary candidate in Labour red
The Conservative candidate's online material led to reports to police [BBC]

A police probe into claims of election fraud in Derbyshire has ruled no offences were committed.

Election material online for Conservative candidate for High Peak Robert Largan is thought to have prompted “a number” of reports to Derbyshire Police.

The Tory candidate put out social media posts in red Labour colours saying "Labour for Largan", and the colours of Reform UK with the slogan "Reform for Robert".

But after investigating the posts, no electoral rules have been broken, says the force.

A Derbyshire Police spokesperson said: “Specialist detectives have now reviewed these reports and the electronic material, which includes the required imprint, saying who promoted the material and who the material was published on behalf of.

“Having assessed the electronic material, Derbyshire Constabulary confirm that no criminal offences have been committed and no further action is necessary.”

The Conservative Party told the BBC on Sunday: “The materials clearly carry imprints, as required by electoral law."

And a spokesman for Mr Largan said he had done nothing wrong.

Robert Largan in Parliament
Mr Largan says he did nothing wrong [PA]

“As Mr Largan’s social media posts and website make abundantly clear, large numbers of traditional Labour voters have been contacting him to tell him they plan to vote for him, despite him being a Conservative candidate," he said.

“The same goes for Reform supporters - this is because of Mr Largan’s strong record of delivery in the High Peak.

“Therefore, supporters clubs of traditional Labour and Reform voters have been set up, to allow people to tell Mr Largan that they’re supporting him.

"These are called Labour for Largan and Reform for Robert. Such supporters’ clubs are not a new phenomenon.”

A full list of candidates standing in High Peak at the general election will be released on Friday.

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