Police officer's touching act after girl, 8, involved in car crash on her birthday

It was a scary start to an eighth birthday for a little girl involved in a car crash with her grandmother on their way to school.

But thanks to a police officer who went above the call of duty, it was a birthday the youngster won’t forget – for the right reasons.

Journey Huey spent her Sunday night baking and decorating 16 cupcakes for her class. A disaster happened, however, when she and grandmother Huli headed for school on Monday.

Journey Huey’s birthday was saved by officer Sue Bolwerk, who bought cupcakes for the girl’s class after the first batch were destroyed in a crash. Source: Facebook/School District of New London

“We were going down the highway and taking Jojo to school with her cupcakes for her birthday, and the next thing you know, we weren’t going down the road, we were going across the road,” Ms Huey told WLUK in Wisconsin.

Journey also recalled flipping over, although neither she nor her grandmother knew what had caused the crash.

Outagamie County officer Sue Bolwerk made sure the pair left the wreck safely, but the cupcakes, however, were a lost cause.

Ms Bolwerk told Yahoo Lifestyle she was not about to let that ruin the little girl’s birthday.

Huli Huey’s vehicle had rolled during the crash. Source: WLUK

“When Journey got out of the car, she was holding a pan full of cupcakes, and you could see that the cupcakes inside were thrown around,” Ms Bolwerk said.

As the mother of a nine-year-old herself, Ms Bolwerk dropped Journey and Ms Huey off at the girl’s school, and then drove a to a nearby grocery store to pick up enough cupcakes for the entire class.

When Ms Bolwerk got back to the school with the cupcakes in hand, Journey’s grandmother was still there and was moved to tears by the police officer’s thoughtfulness.

Journey was also excited by the surprise.

“I guess I’ve spent my career doing these kinds of things,” Ms Bolwerk told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“Stuff I don’t expect to be recognised for; this is just my job.”