Police officer's incredible escape after motorbike slammed into car

A cop who crashed his motorcycle into a car, spinning through the air multiple times has miraculously survived with the entire incident caught on CCTV in Peru.

Petty Officer Roberto Medina is lucky to be alive after he crashed his motorcycle into a car in the Ancash region, RPP reported.

Petty Officer Roberto Medina was flung through the air. Photo: Facebook

The footage was captured on CCTV and was released by Peruvian news publication RPP.

In the footage, Medina can be seen riding along the Panamerican Highway.

The 24-year-old officer slammed into the vehicle with his body flipping through the air several times.

The young police officer landed on the side of the street in a sit down position before his head was flung back and hit the tarmac. Photo: RRP
The two motor vehicles were sent to police as part of an investigation. Photo: RPP

Medina landed heavily on the street with his head hitting the tarmac with considerable force.

Bystanders rushed to the officer's aid after seeing the sickening collision.

Incredibly the officer's helmet and protective gear saved his life during the near-fatal crash.

He was taken to a regional hospital where he is recovering from multiple injuries to the head and body.

The motorbike and small blue car were taken to the police station Buenos Aires for investigators to review.