Police officers' generous birthday gesture for young flood victims

With motorists and homeowners stranded during the Queensland floods, Townsville police officers have gone out of their way to brighten up a special day for two of the younger victims affected.

Charters Towers officers in North Queensland discovered two boys isolated from their homes were due to celebrate their birthdays.

With no presents to open on their big day, officers bought and wrapped some police Lego presents and gave them to the boys along with their essential food re-supply.

One happy recipient of a birthday present from police. Source: Queensland Police

Queensland Police shared an image of one of the boys receiving his gift from an officer.

Police said it was the least they could do for the boys after a remarkable effort from locals in assisting their efforts during the floods.

“Charters Towers police wish to thank their local community for all their hard work and assistance throughout this ongoing disaster,” Acting Sergeant Ben Wilson said.

Hundreds of families were completely isolated by the floodwaters as emergency services worked to bring aid to them. Source: Queensland Police

The officers were not the only ones commended for their conduct after police officers gave a 79-year-old man a piggyback to safety during the floods.

And last week as the floods reached their worst conditions, one Townsville mother selflessly housed more than 60 local residents as the flood waters engulfed their homes.

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