Police officer becomes celebrity because of his name

·News Reporter

When a police officer in the UK was interviewed on national television, little did he know his image would be circulating across the globe within hours.

The unwitting cop became an internet sensation on Thursday thanks to his name being steeped in irony.

PC Rob Banks featured in a special ITV programme on the impact budget cuts have had to police forces but viewers were far less interested in what he had to say than his name which flashed up on screen.

PC Rob Banks has become an internet star thanks to his ironic name. Source: ITV
PC Rob Banks has become an internet star thanks to his ironic name. Source: ITV

Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to take to social media and express their delight at the hilarious matchup.

“And the award for policeman name of the year 2019 goes to….,” one man wrote on Twitter, garnering 73,000 likes in the process.

“I hope his career choice was the result of frustration at repeatedly being asked: ‘What are you going to do when you leave school, Rob Banks?'” another said.

“Anyone with the name ‘Rob Banks’ should automatically graduate from the police academy,” one user proclaimed.

As his image circulated worldwide, even Queensland Police had to have their say on the ironic name.

“No police service could possibly compete with this one, so we won’t even try. Say G’day to PC Rob Banks for us,” they wrote on Twitter.

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