Police leave 'snarky and sassy' messages for bad parkers

A humorous note left by police on a parked car has gone viral after it was shared on social media.

The note, which was left on the windscreen of the vehicle parked across the white line and obstructing a handicapped parking space, read in all caps: “We noticed you had a little trouble staying in the lines when you parked next to a handicapped space.”

The black and white outline of the police department’s badge was printed in the middle, along with the words: “Maybe if you practice colouring our patch and staying in the lines here, it could help you avoid citations in the future?”

Photographs of the vehicle’s poor parking picture as well as the note itself were shared to Facebook by the Southlake DPS with the caption: “We try to avoid snark and sass (we REALLY do), but sometimes our fair citizens make it hard.”

The police department, located in the Texas city of Southlake, continued: “Please stay in the lines when you park ESPECIALLY if it’s next to a handicapped spot or you might be the recipient of one of our new fliers,” the Facebook post said.

“Be kind and drive kind and park kind! Let this graphic be an attention grabbing example so we don’t have to end up going to FedEx Kinko’s and making like thousands of copies of these.”

The Facebook post Southlake police uploaded to social media. Source: Facebook/Southlake DPS

Since it was posted on April 16, the post has attracted more than 8,000 likes, more than 6,000 shares and a thousand comments — most of which praised the police department and the approach taken.

“Love this! Can you also make one for the people who park in a handicap spot while their passenger ‘just ran inside for a minute to pick something up’ and DO NOT have a sticker or handicap plates/placard?” one person wrote.

Another added: “Thanks! As a [handicapped] driver for my son, finding parking is always tough. I’d love to know that DPS is also giving tickets to those who park illegally in [handicapped] spots or park over the marked lines for [handicapped] access. Again, Thank You.”

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