Police investigate after fatal truck crash was unattended for 12 hours

An internal investigation has been launched by police into their response to a fatal truck crash on the Logan Motorway.

Anger is growing after a witness claimed her triple-0 call was ignored and the crash site sat unattended for almost 12 hours through Tuesday night.

John Bolton died alone below a busy motorway after the wreckage of truck was discovered on Wednesday morning when the vehicle plummeted off a bridge.

John Bolton died when his truck plunged off a bridge on Tuesday night. Source: 7News

“I’m horrified… I feel for the family,” resident Michelle Murray, who lives near the crash site, said.

Ms Murray’s home is nearby the Logan Motorway where the truck plunged 15 metres onto a concrete embankment at about 11pm Tuesday night.

At 6am the next morning she discovered the wreckage and immediately called triple-0 but got little help.

Resident Michelle Murray is shocked by the response of the police to the crash. Source: 7News

“I don’t know if they thought I was joking… but the duty of care from whoever took my call just wasn’t there,” she revealed.

Hours later and only after a second call that emergency services attended the scene to discover the wreckage and the body.

“It just adds so much to this tragedy that the vehicle lay there for that amount of time before it was noticed,” Queensland Trucking Association’s Gary Mahon said.

The response to the incident is now under internal review by the police. Source: 7News

Ms Murray feels so strongly that something has gone wrong and that the lack of response to her triple-0 call may have cost Mr Bolton his life she has since lodged a formal complaint.

“If you can’t trust triple-0 who can you trust?” Ms Murray asked.

On Thursday, Queensland Police confirmed the Ethical Standards Command is reviewing all circumstances surrounding the response to the incident.