Police dog turns on handler while training for Rio Olympic Games

Safety fears at next month's Rio Olympic Games continue to grow with vision of a police dog attacking his handler adding to the woes.

The dog and his handler were taking part in a series of drills when the training went wrong.

The vision shows a man run from a white vehicle as part of the training exercise, with the dog sent to stop him.

The dog successfully chased down the offender during a training drill.
But things turned sour when the handler reached under the dog's stomach.

The man, whose arm is padded in anticipation of the police dog's bite, is taken down in a routine stop.

But that's where things turn nasty as the dog's handler comes in to stop the drill.

As the handler reaches for the dog's lead, the police dog snaps and attacks the handler.

The handler was pinned down by the police dog.

With just a vest as protection, the handler is knocked to the ground with the dog refusing to back down.

Another officer is forced to run in to free the handler on what is another blunder in the lead up to the Olympic Games.

Another officer comes in to free the handler.
The handler gets to his feet, seemingly uninjured.

With many questions already about the safety of athletes at the Games due to health and terror reasons, Brazilian Justice Minister Alexandre de Moraes quickly downplayed the threat.

There's also reports Rio officials are "hiding" the area's poor by moving them out of sight.

It is unclear if the handler required any medical attention after the attack.

The Rio Olympic Games starts on August 5.