Driver slapped with $1500 fine for unbelievable defect

Josh Dutton
News Reporter

Police have found a “concerning” defect after pulling over a van in Melbourne’s southwest.

Authorities were tipped off about the van being unregistered after it was seen travelling through Point Cook on Sunday about 8.30pm.

The van was stopped and police said what they found next “was concerning”.

A six-year-old was found sitting in the back on a La-Z-Boy reclining chair that police said had been bought and installed in the back of the van. Two were being used in place of the back seats.

A six-year-old was found sitting on one of these La-Z-Boy reclining chairs. Source: Victoria Police

The recliners were held in place by an alloy block, but were still found to be illegal.

Police said the driver was issued with three infringement notices – unregistered, unrestrained passenger and breach standards of registration.

The fines total more than $1500 and the driver also copped three demerit points.

‘Now I’ve seen it all’

On Facebook, people were shocked by the La-Z-Boys in the back of the van.

“People are that stupid?” one woman wrote.

One man added, Xzibit, who hosted the TV show Pimp My Ride, “would be proud of this one”.

“Now I’ve seen it all,” another woman wrote.

“Wow. The nerve and disregard for safety or law is amazing,” another woman added.

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