How the police bomb squad saved a stranded goat from a Sydney canal

A nanny goat has been saved from drowning in a canal in Sydney’s inner west after a specialist police unit rushed to the rescue.

A man walking his dog spotted the goat in the canal near Marrickville Golf Club on Monday.

The NSW Police Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit was called in and helped her up an embankment to safety.

The goat was put in a police van and taken to a vet for treatment before the RSPCA took custody of the animal.

NSW Police rescued a nanny goat from a Sydney canal. Source: Twitter/NSW Police
A NSW Police officer cradles a goat. Source: Twitter/NSW Police

RSPCA spokeswoman Stephania Kubowicz says the goat is believed to be a juvenile probably under six months old.

“She’s fine, quite timid and has obviously been through a lot being rescued and coming to the shelter,” Ms Kubowicz told AAP on Tuesday.

It’s not yet known if the animal was a pet or not. Police inquiries are continuing.

Ms Kubowicz said goats are often found in strange places – on roofs, down wells or roaming because they are good climbers and prone to escape.

The goat was placed in a police van (pictured). Source: Twitter/NSW Police

She urged anyone with information about the goat, which did not have a collar or any identification, to come forward and claim her.

In April, another goat was found in unusual circumstances- hanging out on a Perth roof. Jeremy Peck and a couple of colleagues were working on a property in Dalkeith, Perth, when they noticed a goat on a nearby roof.

“It’s not clear how the goat came to be on the roof and the owner of the house was as puzzled as we were,” Mr Peck told Storyful.

“The goat stayed on the roof for a few hours before jumping down and making his escape up the road.”

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