Mystery surrounds identity of fully-clothed woman found dead at beach

Police are still trying to identify a woman found dead on a beach south of Sydney.

Two women discovered the woman dead on North Cronulla beach on Wednesday about 5am.

A crime scene has been established with homicide detectives now assisting with the investigation, but police don’t know who the woman is.

Detective Chief Inspector Terry O’Neill said the woman was found wearing a long-sleeve, woollen turtleneck jumper, maroon pants and black running shoes with a white sole. She’s 160cm tall with long, dark hair and of a slim build.

Police are still trying to identify the body of a woman found dead on North Cronulla beach on Wednesday morning. Source: 7 News

He added she did not have identification on her, and she was found face down and wet. She’s of an Indian of Subcontinental appearance and believed to be aged between her mid-teens to early 30s.

Police have also checked with the missing persons unit but no one matching the woman’s description has been reported.

“That (identification) is a line of enquiry we would like some assistance with,” Det Insp O’Neill said.

“What we’re seeking is anyone who may know of a person who is missing or may know of a person who fits the description of the person who I’ve described.”

She was found dead at 5am and police said her body was wet. Source: 7 News

Det Insp O’Neill said the woman had sustained an injury but wouldn’t go into specifics. He added the woman’s injury “would not” have caused her death.

“But apart from that one injury there was no other external injuries,” he said. 

He added there was a “possibility” at some point the woman was in the water before her death. There was a high tide overnight and it’s possible the body washed up from elsewhere. 

“That’s a theory that we would not exclude,” he said.

Police have set up a crime scene at the beach. Source: Sunrise

A police helicopter has scoured the crime scene from above to search for any other belongings or evidence in the water, and the homicide squad is assisting.

 Police believe the woman’s death was relatively recent.

“We’re not talking weeks, we’re talking sooner than later,” Det Insp O’Neill said. 

Police have also been unable to find anyone who saw the woman before she died but are continuing to door knock the area near Prince Street and beachfront on Wednesday night.

Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page.

Homicide detectives are investigating her death. Source: Sunrise