Polar bear found 700km from home

An exhausted young polar bear shocked locals in a small Russian village after it was found prowling for food 700km from its home.

The animal travelled to the village of Tilichiki on Kamchatka all the way from its regular habitat in Chukotka, Russian media reported on Wednesday.

Environmental experts said the animal could have become disoriented while floating on an ice floe.

The polar bear shocked locals after it travelled 700km from home. Source: The Guardian

Authorities planned to sedate the polar bear and have it returned to Chukotka via helicopter.

Locals reportedly fed the bear, which did not appear aggressive, and welcomed it to the neighbourhood.

Polar bears’ dependence on sea ice makes them particularly vulnerable to global warming as Arctic ice continues to shrink.

Less ice cover could make it more difficult for them to catch and eat seals, putting the species’ survival at risk.

Locals said the animal appeared young and weak. Source: The Guardian

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