PM shares Seven Sisters story with hosts

Cambodia rolled out the red carpet for the Seven Sisters, the Australian prime minister, a royal princess and even a little cat.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has wrapped his time at the East Asia and ASEAN summits by opening an immersive pop up exhibit.

Songlines showcases the Dreaming story of the Seven Sisters in Central Australia and has travelled to Phnom Penh to mark the 70th anniversary of Australia-Cambodia diplomatic relations.

"This anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on the enduring connections between our two countries," Mr Albanese said.

"I am so pleased, now that borders have reopened, that our people can come together again in cultural exchange."

Mr Albanese said he was proud to share First Nations stories with a Cambodian audience.

"By bringing 'Walking Through a Songline' to Cambodia, First Nations people of the Australian continent are sharing their stories with you our neighbours and, most importantly, our friends," he said.

"These stories are written in landscape, or stretched across the sky, told in the light of the stars and in the velvet darkness that falls between them."

The opening event was attended by her Royal Highness Norodom Arunrasmy, a Cambodian princess, who Mr Albanese sat next to.

A curious house cat also found itself on the red carpet.

Mr Albanese thanked and congratulated his hosts for an "extraordinarily successful" summit.

"Our relationship matters so much, not just in the stories of our two nations, but also the role it plays in underpinning the health, strength and breadth of our remarkable region," he said.

"The path we are travelling together is a bright one."

The prime minister has completed the first leg of a regional tour of Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand for multiple summit meetings.

He will travel to Bali on Monday for the G20.

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