PM Fico downplays Slovak crowdfunding efforts for Ukraine

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico
Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico

Ordinary Slovak citizens who raised $4.5 million to supply ammunition to Ukraine's military should have spent their money elsewhere, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said on April 29.

Local news outlet Noviny Plus reported Fico argued that the funds would not change the situation on the battlefield and suggested that a hypothetical fundraiser for cancer treatment would not have attracted the same support.

“Let them send weapons, I have nothing to say to them; but if we were to start a collection for cancer, it likely wouldn't have raised as much,” said Fico.

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He insinuated that the fundraising campaign was an attempt to discredit the government's stance on not supplying weapons to Kyiv.

“Five years from now, the same conditions will persist — funds spent, possibly embezzled, but nothing in Ukraine will change,” the PM continued.

“This is my stance. Hence, I continue to support a peaceful resolution, a ceasefire at any cost, and I respect Slovaks' choice to fund ammunition, though it will not affect the outcome in Ukraine.”

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