PM downplays religious speech significance

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Australia's first Pentecostal prime minister is disappointed a speech he gave about doing God's work has been mischaracterised.

Scott Morrison recently told a national Christian conference he sometimes used the Evangelical practice of "laying on of hands" while embracing people who had suffered from trauma or natural disaster.

He said he was called on to do God's work as prime minister, while also talking about social media being used by the "evil one" to undermine society.

"'Christian talks to Christians about Christian things' - I don't think that's really a news flash," Mr Morrison told 2GB radio on Friday.

"I have been, I suppose, disappointed about how some of that has been mischaracterised."

Religious people approached their work through the lens of their faith, he said.

"We just feel that whatever you do every day, you do as part of your Christian service."

Mr Morrison also delved into his faith during a speech in Sydney on Thursday night to a United Israel Appeal dinner.

He spoke about the strong sense of community within Australia's Jewish groups.

The prime minister also took aim at modern-day cancel culture and identity politics.

"Seeing the inherent dignity of all human beings is the foundation of morality," he said.

"It makes us more capable of love and compassion, of selflessness and forgiveness.

"Because if you see the dignity and worth of another person ... you're less likely to disrespect them, insult or show contempt or hatred for them, or seek to cancel them, as is becoming the fashion these days."