Model loses her dress at Cannes Film Festival

This is the shocking moment a Russian model lost her dress at a red carpet event at Cannes after failing to notice that the man was standing on the hem.

The red dress worn by Yulia Rybakova is first of all seen stretching slightly as its owner walks forward before finally snapping free, leaving her in just her top and her red knickers on the packed red carpet.

A man is seen helping Yulia Rybakova put on her dress after it ripped off from her exposing her underwear. Source: CEN/Australscope

Until that point the young woman had clearly been delighted with her red evening gown with a long train, parading on the red carpet and posing for the cameras.

It was when she stopped briefly that the man accidentally stepped on her dress, apparently not noticing it because it was the same colour as the red carpet.

She in turn did not realise, and carried on before the dress suddenly snapped free leaving her standing there in her underwear.

She tried not to look too embarrassed or to show her frustration, but understandably the star was a bit shocked.  

Fortunately the man who had stepped on her dress realised what he had done, and rushed to pick up the gown from the ground.

He then even offered to dress her again by wrapping the fabric around her waist.

Plus-size model Yulia Rybakova lost her dress during the Cannes festival. This shocking moment captured the Russian model losing her dress at a red carpet event at Cannes after failing to notice that the man was stepping on it. Source: CEN/Australscope

The video proved extremely popular online, although some people suggested it was staged to get media hype.

“This really looks like a set up,” commented Roman Romanov.

In the past Ms Rybakova recorded a song called Putin under a nickname Lady Fortuna. The track was part of her album called Leaders.

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