Plumber's 'incredible' find after sewage leak: 'Thought he was joking'

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A sewage leak in a store has yielded an “incredible” find no one was expecting.

In a Facebook post, Ilse Vandory Cook, who lives in the UK, said there was a sewage leak at her work last week and someone had to call in a plumber.

Ms Cook said the shop space is being rented from a landlord and used to be a photography business of some sort.

“The plumber had to break open the old access panels under the extension to get to some of the old pipes - some are Victorian and some are from when the extension was built in 1970,” Ms Cook wrote.

The plumber went to work under the building but told Ms Cook while fixing the pipes he found “all sorts” of items underneath.

Ms Cook said the items included a broken TV, some mosaic tiles and sandwich packets and bottles.

But that’s not all he found.

It turns out he also found a boat.

A boat is pictured after being found under a building.
A plumber found this boat under a building after tenants complained of a sewage leak. Source: Facebook/ Ilse Vandory Cook

“He (the plumber) said it with such a straight face, I thought he was joking, but he did, in fact, find a boat,” Ms Cook wrote.

“I have absolutely no idea how long this has been under there for, and the landlord had no idea it was there.”

It isn’t known what the kayak was doing under the store’s floorboards but Ms Cook wrote she is located in a seaside town so it could have been used by past occupants.

A boat is pictured after it was found under a building.
No one knows why or for how long the boat was under there. Source: Facebook/ Ilse Vandory Cook

To suggest people on Facebook were impressed by the find would be an understatement.

“You won the internet,” one woman wrote.

“I don’t believe I will ever see a post that makes this statement ever again.”

Another woman called it an “incredible find”.

Others pondered why the boat was under there in the first place.

Ms Cook said the boat has been placed back under the building until a decision is made on what to do with it.

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