'Please explain!': Woman disappointed by Coles biscuit packaging

Nadine Carroll
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An upset Coles shopper has taken to Facebook to after seeing single cookies being sold in individual plastic containers in a Mount Barker store.

“Coles...please explain! ONE biscuit in each of these plastic containers!” the shopper wrote on Coles Facebook page along with an image of the plastic-packaged treats.

It’s not the first time Coles has been questioned over the use of excessive plastic packaging, the supermarket came under fire during Easter for selling individually packaged hot cross buns.

'Please explain!': Woman disappointed by Coles biscuit plastic packaging
'Please explain!': A Coles customer wants an explanation for the supermarket selling individual biscuits in plastic containers. Source: Facebook

At the time, Coles said they were responding to customer demand, giving shoppers the option to purchase single buns in stores where bakery display units were not available.

“What a ridiculous practice, environmental nightmare!” the customer posted.

A few people responded to the biscuit post suggesting coronavirus protective measures were the reason for the extra packaging.

“Because of COVID-19 they can't sell single items like bread, cakes and cookies unpackaged and loose anymore. Even the in unpackaged breads have to be wrapped,” one person wrote.

But others were frustrated by the packaged and concerned of the repercussions for the environment.

“It's an absolute joke! We have struggled with our lack of recycling and extra waste since COVID-19. Time to get back to the way it was!” another person commented.

When one person suggested the supermarket was supplying what customers wanted, the original poster responded and urged others not to give in to the convenience.

“It's a demand and supply... if we don't demand (buy and use) the 'convenience', they will not supply it... eventually!” she wrote.

A Coles spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News Australia the packaging was due to COVID-19 measures.

“As part of the health and safety measures implemented in our stores to minimise the risk of COVID-19, Coles has stopped offering individual, self-serve bakery items for sale,” a Coles spokesperson said.

“In a small number of stores where there is customer demand, we have continued to offer these products in convenient, pre-packaged containers.

“This packaging is recyclable through curb side recycling.”

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