PlayStation Portal handheld will launch later this year for £200

The PlayStation Portal lets you stream games from your PS5 (Sony)
The PlayStation Portal lets you stream games from your PS5 (Sony)

Sony has revealed a boat-load of new info about its PlayStation 5 handheld.

The device, which lets you stream games directly from the console, is officially called PlayStation Portal and will cost £200 when it lands “later this year”, the company announced on Wednesday.

Hype has been building around the handheld since it was leaked back in April, but fans expecting a Nintendo Switch-style portable console may be disappointed.

PlayStation Portal essentially lets you play games remotely on its eight-inch LCD screen over the internet. While you can stream games you own, including from PS Plus, forget playing PS VR2 games or cloud games from PS Plus Premium.

Sony says the display is capable of delivering full HD visuals at a smooth 60 frames per second, but the quality you get will largely be dictated by your wifi connection.

In terms of design, the PS Portal looks like someone wedged a screen between a PS5 DualSense controller. Of course, that means you get the excellent adaptive triggers and haptic feedback that come with Sony’s elite gamepad.

At £200, the device costs the same as a Nintendo Switch Lite, the pared-back handheld that doesn’t connect to TVs.

Sony’s Pulse Explore wireless earbuds will cost £200 (Sony)
Sony’s Pulse Explore wireless earbuds will cost £200 (Sony)

Sony says a pre-order date for the PS Portal will be revealed soon.

The company also shared more info on its Pulse Explore wireless earbuds, which were unveiled alongside the PS Portal back in May. In addition, it revealed a new Pulse Elite over-ear wireless headset.

Both offer low-latency lossless audio from PS5 and PlayStation Portal using Sony’s new PlayStation Link wireless technology. In fact, they can even connect to your phone or laptop at the same time using Bluetooth. That means you’ll be able to take calls while playing on your PS5 or PS Portal at the same time.

Sony’s Pulse Elite wireless headset will cost £130 (Sony)
Sony’s Pulse Elite wireless headset will cost £130 (Sony)

When using Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore with Sony’s console, you’ll need the USB adapter that comes with each headset. The same adapter will also be sold separately for players who want lossless audio on their PC or Mac.

Sony says the headphones are the first PlayStation audio devices to boast “custom-designed planar magnetic drivers”. This means the headphones use a flat, flexible diaphragm suspended between two magnets to convert electrical signals to soundwaves. The drivers are typically found inside premium headphones which claim to offer better bass, a wider soundstage, and less distortion.

The Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore will cost £130 and £200, respectively. Sony says it will announce pre-order and release dates for the audio devices soon.