PlayStation Plus Essential free games for February 2024

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PS Plus Essential free games for February 2024Square Enix

PlayStation has announced the games that will be free for PS Plus Essential subscribers in February 2024.

As a reminder, Essential is the basic tier of Sony's subscription service. It lets players play games online, back up saves to the cloud and add a handful of games to their libraries each month. Once claimed, these games can be accessed for as long as there's an active subscription.

foamstars gameplay
Square Enix

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The flagship game this month is one that's already been announced: Foamstars (PS5/PS4). This is a 4-vs-4 party shooter that's like a soapy version of Splatoon with a bunch of different modes.

Square Enix's newest PlayStation exclusive title is actually debuting on Plus on its day of release, a tactic that worked wonders for things like Fall Guys, which boasted a big player count at launch and beyond.

rollerdrome gameplay
Private Division

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Rollerdrome (PS5/PS4) is a stylish cel-shaded shooter with a twist: You play the entire game on skates. In a dystopian future, your character is forced to compete in life-or-death challenges in various arenas, while you, as a player, need to hit certain score thresholds in order to proceed.

We've played this game and can confirm that combat is fast and fluid, with plenty of impressive moves that look great when pulled off. It might take a while to 'click', but there are plenty of tutorials and adjustable settings to help out.

Nacon / Spiders

Finally, there's Steelrising (PS5), an action RPG set in an alternate-universe France where an army of robots has put down the French Revolution. Reviewers have praised the game for its steampunk aesthetic and strong art direction, as well as for being a solid Soulslike that holds its own in a crowded genre.

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