Plane passengers get into battle over closing window shade

A video of two passengers bickering over whether a plane’s window cover should be up or down has gone viral and caused people to hit out at the man who filmed it.

The video was shared by “Passenger Shaming” (@passengershaming on Instagram) and the account insists the video is not fake or staged.

From the video, it appears the man filming wants the window cover down, however, it’s clearly not his window.

It belongs to the man in front of him.

As he reaches out to shut the cover, it is clear, he is reaching beyond the headrest of the seat in front of him.

The man in the front seat, who is seated next to the window tells the man behind him to stop.

“Leave it open,” he says.

“Can you please shut it?” the man filming asks, before reaching over and shutting the window anyway.

The man in front calls over the flight attendant, while he holds up the window shade with his hand and the men explain to the flight attendant the situation, however it is unclear how she responds.

The passengers continued to fight over thee window shade being up or down. Source: Instagram - Passenger Shaming.
The passengers continued to fight over thee window shade being up or down. Source: Instagram - Passenger Shaming.

The two men go back a fourth, opening and shutting the window for over two minutes, at one point the man in front reaches behind him, to which the man filming says “Don’t touch me, that’s assault”.

“Do it one more time, I dare you,” the man in the back says, while the other man holds the shade cover with his hand.

Towards the end of the video, an announcement is heard saying the plane is starting its decent, during which most airlines require the window shades to remain open. The passenger in the back continues to try and get the shade closed.

“All windows were to be open for descent per crew and airline request, hence why dude in back had his open; not fake,” Passenger Shaming, which was created by a former flight attendant said in the caption.

It does appear the man sitting behind does have his window open, however that does not explain why he would want the man in front of him to shut his window.

Many people in the comments of the video believe the man filming to be in the wrong, even pro surfer, Kelly Slater weighed in on it.

“It’s not this guy’s window. It’s behind his seat. I’d wrist lock him next time he did that,” Slater said in the comments.

“The dude filming is wrong. The guy in front clearly want it open and the plane itself is descending so all windows must be open,” someone else said.

“Such a rude way to seek attention.”

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One person questioned why the flight attendants did not intervene sooner, to which Passenger Shaming replied saying flight attendants quickly learn to pick their battles.

“It’s pathetic that adults become adolescents when placed into an airplane,” another person said in the comments, who was of the belief the two men were known to each other and the whole thing was staged.

“There is also a lot to be said about the face that FA's have authority but it's usually not taken very seriously during childish acts and it just makes the situation a nightmare for everyone.

Many people suggested the whole thing was staged, mainly pointing out the man who insisted on the shade being closed had his own window open.

“This gotta be some kind of a prank! There's no other logical explanation,” someone said.

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