Plan proposed to deal with SA cat problem

Uncontrolled cat breeding in South Australia has become unsustainable and a serious animal welfare issue, the state's animal protection organisations say.

The RSPCA and the Animal Welfare League on Sunday released a comprehensive cat management plan which includes standardised holding periods for stray cats picked up, rules for cat containment and curfews and low-cost desexing programs.

But it recommends against any widespread culling of stray cats, arguing such a step would be unacceptable to the broader community or the welfare groups.

"With more than 10,000 cats and kittens coming into AWL and RSPCA last financial year, our community cannot continue to ignore this major animal welfare issue, and charity organisations can no longer be the sole solution," AWL chief executive Richard Mussell said.

"All cats and kittens that are healthy and behaviourally suitable for rehoming are adopted at a combined cost to our organisations of more than $6 million a year, a figure that is growing annually."

RSPCA chief executive Paul Stevenson said the management plan aimed for a sustainable reduction in cat overpopulation and included a pragmatic and comprehensive set of actions for government, councils, owners and animal welfare organisations.