Plan for Alice Springs town camps overhaul

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Dozens of new homes are to be built in the Alice Springs town camps for Indigenous residents.

The Northern Territory government says the construction will include 54 new homes, along with the demolition of 22 houses that will be too costly to repair.

NT Remote Housing and Town Camps Minister Chansey Paech said the announcement is good news for residents "who have waited a long time for more housing and I look forward to seeing works progress".

"This investment also means more jobs for locals and increased economic stimulation for the town," he said on Tuesday.

The homes will be built in 10 camps, including Charles Creek, Hoppys, Hidden Valley and Warlpiri.

About 1750 people live in Alice Springs' 20 town or fringe camps. Each camp is a distinct Aboriginal community based on language groups and kinship.

The first camps were started when white settlers to central Australia forced traditional owners from their land.

The housing project is expected to cost about $34 million.

It is part of a $2.1 billion remote housing program to upgrade existing homes and build new houses.

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