All The Places That Have Banned Tory MPs For Voting Against Free School Meals

Chris York
·2-min read

There’s nothing quite like an unpopular political decision to bring people together and right now across the UK people are uniting against the government’s refusal to extend free school meal provisions over half-term.

For the most part this has prompted communities, organisations and establishments to offer free breakfasts, sandwiches and lunch bags to struggling children which is absolutely glorious.

There is a slightly angrier edge to the backlash, however, as a number of cafes, shops and even a rock band have declared their local Tory MP persona non grata.

Here’s a rundown of those affected so far...

Rishi Sunak

The Mill pub and its restaurant Il Mulino in North Yorkshire’s Stokesley banned entry to the chancellor and three northern Tory MPs – Jacob Young, Simon Clarke and Matt Vickers – after they voted down a motion to end holiday hunger amid the pandemic this winter.

A statement on the Facebook page for The Mill, which is in Sunak’s Richmond (Yorks) constituency, called the vote “disgusting”, and included an image of the House of Commons canteen menu, where prices are subsidised by the taxpayer.

It reads: “Don’t usually do politics but here goes. I have never known a government which is consistently the wrong end of every argument.

“Forget the poor handling of Covid for a minute and concentrate on what happened yesterday.

“The government voted against extending free school meals. This is disgusting! What’s worse Matt Vickers MP, Simon Clarke MP & Jacob Young - MP for Redcar & Cleveland, & Rishi Sunak all voted against the scheme. DISGUSTING!

“All 4 are now barred from The Mil l & Il Mulino for life. I don’t want their business.

“Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday next week I will deliver 100 freshly cooked healthy meals to three...

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