Pisces Daily Horoscope – September 18 2019

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Saturn direct

The heavy-duty planet Saturn is changing directions now. In one way, it’s a good thing because it means you no longer have to keep going over the same old same old lessons you’ve been learning … on the other hand, it also means there are going to be some new lessons to learn now, as Saturn heads through Capricorn. Are you ready to learn the lessons life is teaching you? Here’s where Saturn is for you in 2019.

Where is Saturn for you?

Wherever Saturn goes, lessons follow. This year, Saturn is hanging out in your solar 11th house, which is the part of your solar chart which rules friends and the networks you belong to, as well as the part of your chart where you keep your hopes and dreams. This can have various effects. One is that although you know that you need your friends, it’s slightly awkward to reach out to them now. It’s the times that we tend to feel awkward about something when the best lessons are on offer. It is highly possible this year that many of the greatest lessons you get come from your friends, whether you have a large group or just a select few around you. There could be a slight fear that you’re being judged by your friends and while that may or may not be true, if you do as you say, and live up to your responsibilities, your report card can only be glowing, no? One of the great things about a true friend is that he or she can tell you the truth and you both know this is not about egos but about forging stronger bonds. Friends can push buttons, especially if you are single and your social group forms most of the company you keep. They help us grow in the areas we need to and this year that goes double for you

Many of you will want to go it alone this year, and that’s not a bad thing, as long as you don’t isolate yourself and get lonely. Try not to judge others too harshly this year and remember that just because a friend transgresses what you think is right, doesn’t mean the entire friendship has to come to a grinding halt. One of your biggest Saturn lessons now is about reaching out and dropping your barriers with people you know you can trust. Adopt ‘forgiveness’ as one of your keywords for friendship in this Saturn cycle, and don’t let fear stop you from forming new friendships if they waft past you. They could help you build very firm foundations for the future and could turn out to be the relationships that last and last.

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