Pisces Daily Horoscope – September 13 2019

It’s Full Moon day!

Here are the Full Moon times around the world…
Full Moon in Pisces on September 14
Full Moon details:
London: 14 Sep at 05:32
Sydney: 14 Sep at 14:32
LA: 13 Sep at 21:32
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So what does it mean for you?

It’s all very well and lovely to be focused on someone else. Certainly it sounds like a very valiant thing. But once a year around about now, the Full Moon lights up your chart to remind you that you also need to focus on yourself – and that time is now! Many of us are givers rather than takes and again, that sounds great, but it messes with the flow in our lives. This is your month to remember how to say YES when people offer to help you and to ask for help if you need it and you’re not getting it. You could feel extra emotional during this cycle but a lot of your ‘stuff’ which is coming up to be dealt with NEEDS to be dealt with so don’t run away from it!

It’s the high point of the lunar cycle

This is a mystical and healing Full Moon. Prepare the release, let go, heal and move on. Not sure how to do that? Do it with the free Full Moon kit here.