Pisces Daily Horoscope – April 8 2020

Today brings the Full Moon in Libra, the sign of relationships. This affects us all in different ways however it creates a common theme; now is the time to work in your most important connections with other people. In lockdown, times can be tense – all the better for us to strengthen our characters as we realise who really matters to us! Catch my Full Moon ceremony here.

Where is the Full Moon for you?

This Full Moon is all about finding a balance between what you give in life and what you take. If you know you’ve been doing too much of either, it’s most certainly time to redress the balance. The problem is that when we give too much but we don’t know how to take, we actually mess with the natural laws which govern free flow. How can the Universe send you an abundant stream of good things if you’re not receiving them without a fight? Now is a very good time to attend to practical financial matters, like paying off debts and settling personal bills. Also very good for investing some emotion in the boudoir.

About that Full Moon…

We have a (free!) Full Moon worksheet to help you process all the emotions coming up here.