Pink's husband argues with Aussie woman over petrol mistake

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Pink’s husband has had a bit of a run-in with a woman in Brisbane after she approached him about a common petrol station problem.

Carey Hart was scrolling through his phone while filling up the car, when he was confronted about his actions.

“She told me that I was putting everyone’s life in danger using my phone at the gas pump,” he explained in an Instagram post alongside a video of him mouthing ‘what the f**k’. 

Pink’s husband Carey Hart, seen here with the singer in 2014, has revealed he fought with a woman in Brisbane who approached him in a petrol station. Source: Getty

He went on to explain that he was scolded and warned that if he accidentally dropped his handset, he could ignite the petrol fumes.

“[She said] the station would blow up, and kill all of us,” he explained. “What the hell is wrong with people?????? You got some serious scare tactics over here.”

But while Carey — who has been married to singer Pink for 12 years — thought the exchange was unwarranted, fans were divided.

Some thought the encounter was funny, remarking “everything kills you in Australia”. While others urged the motocross star to take heed of the warning.

Petrol stations in Australia are signposted with warnings about not using your mobile while filling up, and according to BP Australia’s website, the woman had a solid basis for her argument.

The family are in Australia as part of Pink’s ‘Beautiful Trauma’ tour, which hit the headlines when she was forced to cancel multiple dates due to sickness. Source: Instagram/Pink

“Don’t use your mobile phone,” they state, “If you drop your mobile phone, a spark can be produced when the batteries are knocked loose.

“This could be hazardous because of the flammable vapours produced by petrol products. If you need to make a call most service stations have a public pay phone.”

However, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is sceptical about this warning, and in a 2006 article for ABC Science, he asserted that the spark argument is actually more of a myth.

“It is theoretically possible to set off a petrol fire with a phone,” he wrote, “The amount of energy needed for a spark to ignite petrol vapour is 0.2 mJ, which is roughly one five-millionth of the energy stored in a fully-charged phone battery.”

“The difficulty is that the phone is not designed to make sparks.”

Australians are told not to use their phones while filling up. Photo: Getty

He argued that the reason we have warnings is more for legal liability than actual risk, saying there is a lot of “evidence showing that mobile phones don’t cause fires in petrol stations.”

What could be more of a danger, is that your mobile phone distracts you from the task at hand. At the end of the day, you are handling a highly flammable liquid – and a little time away from your mobile is never a bad thing.

Meanwhile, for Pink and her family it’s been a tough trip Down Under, with the singer cancelling four of her ‘Beautiful Trauma’ dates after being advised by doctors she was too sick to perform.

Despite describing being in “excruciating pain” the 38-year-old has rescheduled all of her dates to ensure fans aren’t let down.

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