Pilot pulled flight instructor from fiery wreckage after plane crash

Two people are fighting for life after a plane crashed during a night-time training flight in NSW.

The aircraft, carrying flight instructor Catherine FitzSimons and 46-year-old pilot Ben Wheeler, crashed at Orange Airport on Tuesday about 7pm and burst into flames.

The plane, a Cirrus SR-22, was coming in to land before it veered off the runway and crashed.

Mr Wheeler managed to pull Ms FitzSimons from the burning wreckage of the aircraft.

Catherine FitziSimons and Ben Wheeler are fighting for life after a plane crash in Orange. Source: 7 News

Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s Dr Stuart Godley said the bureau believed the pair were conducting a training flight.

Some witness said the runway lights went out moments before the plane went in for landing.

But the council said airport security video showed they were on.

The pair were rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital and rushed into the burns unit.

They have broken bones and severe burns from the fire. Both are listed as being in a critical condition.

NSW Ambulance Service’s Jason Speight said it was a “sad day” for the families of the pair.

Investigators from the Transport Safety Bureau will inspect the crash site on Thursday.