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Piers Morgan apologises to viewers after being called a c*** live on air

Watch: Piers Morgan called a c*** live on air

Piers Morgan apologised to viewers after a trans activist called him a "c***" live on air.

The TV presenter was interviewing guest 'Jame' who was attending a protest in Manchester, representing trans rights.

Morgan told his guest via video link on his TalkTV show Uncensored: "I have always supported trans rights to fairness and equality and I mean that sincerely.”

Jame, who appeared with their face concealed by a black face mask and sunglasses, said: “That’s bulls***, bro.”

Morgan replied: "You can say ‘bulls***, bro’ and you’re entitled to. It’s an uncensored show and you’ve just proven it."

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Piers Morgan apologised to viewers after he was called a c***. (Talk TV)
Piers Morgan apologised to viewers after he was called a c***. (Talk TV)

Jame continued to speak over the TV host, with their hands in their pockets and looking at the floor.

Morgan said: “There’s no point swearing. I apologise to our viewers for your bad language.”

He added: “My issue with the way this trans debate is going, is in issues like sports for example, where I think it’s very unfair that trans women should be competing against women born to female biological bodies.”

Jame interrupted: “Piers, shut up, bro. Do you understand that a majority of women athletes do not give a s*** about trans women in sports?”

Morgan responded: “You can’t just call everyone who disagrees with you transphobic. If you keep swearing I’ll have to cut you off."

He went on: “I’ve explained my position, what is your problem with my position?”

Piers Morgan leaves BBC Broadcasting House, London, after appearing on the BBC One current affairs programme, Sunday Morning. Picture date: Sunday January 16, 2022. (Photo by Dominic Lipinski/PA Images via Getty Images)
Piers Morgan said he supports trans equal rights, but objects to trans women competing against biological women in sporting events. (Getty Images) (Dominic Lipinski - PA Images via Getty Images)

Jame, who began unpinning their microphone, said: “I don’t really know. I’m going to leave the interview, now. I kind of only came on here because I thought it would be kind of funny. But I wanted to say you’re a c***.”

Morgan said: “I apologise again to all viewers who are listening to that. Unfortunately, a complete idiot."

He later tweeted: "Called a ‘c**t’ live on my own show, then get home in time to watch Arsenal self-implode. It’s been a really enjoyable night…"

Standing For Women - a campaign group who believe the Equality Act infringes on women's rights - were holding a protest march in front of the statue of suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst in Manchester.

Trans activists clashed with women's rights' protesters at the statue of Emeline Pankhurst in Manchester.
Trans activists clashed with women's rights' protesters at the statue of Emmeline Pankhurst in Manchester. (Getty Images) (SOPA Images via Getty Images)

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Trans activist group Trans Rise Up staged their own opposition protest, representing trans rights.

Morgan quit ITV breakfast show Good Morning Britain in March 2021 over comments he made about Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey.

He launched new show Uncensored in April, which airs on the new Rupert Murdoch-owned network TalkTV, and has seen ratings plummet since the debut episode, which was watched by an average of 317,000 viewers.

Viewing figures dropped to an average of 62,000 viewers just a week later – an 80 per cent fall.