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Your pictures on the theme of 'recycled'

We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme of "recycled". Here is a selection of the photographs we received from around the world.

Making bags from tyres
John Janssen: "In Marrakech an artisan creates various objects from discarded car tyres. Not easy work."
Insect house
Sandra Moreton: "My husband made our garden insect house from recycled materials, reusing wooden pallets. We filled it with leftover DIY materials, bamboo sticks from the garden, pinecones collected from local walks, etc. A recent addition are the two bricks we found washed up on a beach near Southwold, where coastal erosion meant they had demolished a row of houses. I love the way the tide has rounded the edges of the bricks and the holes are filled with sand."
Art in Newcastle under Lyme
Ian Knight: "Eye Spy, a recycled piece of art in Newcastle under Lyme town centre. Created from recycled bottles collected by the local community and school children, the art was sponsored by a local opticians."
Troll and a wooden hut
Nicholas Safstrom: "Creating something new from something already used. The Trail of a Thousand Trolls that are all made from recycled wood by Thomas Dambo."
Cat in a box
Philip Jackson: "Our rescue cat Sidney is never one to pass on an opportunity to recycle using this box as a shelter from the heat of the day."
Plastic bottles
Glyn Hands: "These plastic bottles had been repurposed as a canopy for a float for this year's Gracia street festival in Barcelona. People of all ages were helping with the construction and decoration, it looked like a real community effort."
A glass decoration
Spike Reid: "A London bus hit my bicycle while it was locked to a lamppost. The brake disc was bent beyond repair, but I kept it and stuck some old lighting gels to it. Today it hangs in my window, and I call it a daydream catcher."
Star decoration made from an old book
Alex Barton: "An old, damaged book turned into a hanging decoration. Working in a library I get to recycle pages from quite a few books that are no longer fit for purpose."
A model scene made with old toys and bakeware
Davina Isham: "My mum and uncle used to play with some of the toys when they were kids."
An onion in a sock
Christy Perer: "In the biology teacher's classroom, I found this and took a shot. She used some socks, plastic cups, soil and old plastic eyes. The onion grew well. Kids loved it."
Wooden compost bin
Sue Norton: "Using comfrey leaves to make a natural garden fertiliser."
Front of a little bin
Neil Marsden: "Sometimes it's the simplest of tasks that can make the most difference. Picking up and recycling litter can make a real difference to the environment but sadly the message doesn't always get through."
Plants in a Trabant car
Chris Roberts: "Green energy - reusing an old Trabant as a flower pot - at a cafe near Aber Falls, North Wales."
Skeleton on a bench
Anne Bostwick: "This musician has been reduced to recycling his songs as well as himself."
Food sign with a bicycle forming the letter O
Simon Cowley: "A old postman's bike given a new role in advertising on the side of a pub."
Woman wearing a dress made from ties
Harriet Parr: "After finding a box of ties at my local scrap store, I decided to have a play around and came up with this dress."
Model of a fisherman on the top of a drink can
Alex Mackintosh: "When you can't go out and photograph, stay in. I used a model railway figure and a drink can to create this image. You never know, he might catch something."
Sculpture made of flip flops
Barbara Sankey: "Walking near Airlie Beach, Australia, I found this random sculpture made from discarded flip flops and plastic water bottles."

The next theme is "reflections" and the deadline for entries is 12 September 2023.

The pictures will be published later that week and you will be able to find them, along with other galleries, on the In Pictures section of the BBC News website.

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