Influencer Pia Muehlenbeck's unexpected fail at the beach

Kristine Tarbert
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Aussie influencer and designer Pia Muehlenbeck has a very polished image online. Photo: Instagram/piamuehlebeck

She’s normally completely perfectly polished and gorgeous online, but designer and influencer Pia Muehlenbeck surprised her followers when she shared a completely relatable - and ever so slightly unflattering - moment on Instagram.

The model, who regularly posts photos of her lavish lifestyle and bikini body with her 2.1m followers, shared a video on Wednesday of her posing at the beach.

But rather than getting another glamorous shot for her account, she instead ended up with a face full of water, which she decided to share with her fans anyway.

“Nailed it,” she joked in the caption of the short clip, which sees her face plant in the waves.

Her husband Kane Vato, seemingly the one blessed with the opportunity to capture the fail, added: “It was so funny to have this unfold in front of my very eyes.”

Pia takes a dive. Photo: Instagram/piamuehlenbeck

Her fans were quick to share in her amusement of the moment, also thanking her for posting it.

“Love it,” one person wrote.

“Oh gosh - spilled my water thru my nose, didn’t see that coming,” another said.

“Hahah aww still stunning,” was another response.

While some fans even noted that the model still looked fabulous, despite the mishap.

“Does being gorgeous make this less embarrassing?” one person mused.

Inside Pia Muehlenbeck's ultra-lavish wedding

Pia tied the knot with her long-time partner Kane in a lavish wedding at Byron Bay in December last year, sharing snaps from the lavish affair online.

Pia looked stunning in a custom gown by Pallas Couture and a matching veil, with the dress featuring oversized nude sleeves, lace embellishments and a dramatic train.

White flowers were also scattered up and down the dress, matching the ones in her bouquet.

In fact, everything from the decorations, to the bridal party’s attire and even the guests’ dress code matched.

Pia’s picture-perfect colour coordination

Just a few weeks before the wedding, details of a particular request emerged.

On their wedding site, Pia and her new husband asked guests to only wear “natural earth tones”, the Daily Telegraph reported.

She wanted everyone to “adhere to this direction” and even supplied a Pinterest board full of inspiration for the light and earthy themed dress code.

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