'So much blood': Shocking photos show toddler's fingers stuck in escalator

A family shopping trip turned into a bloody nightmare when a toddler’s fingers became caught in an escalator on Wednesday.

Heart-stopping pictures of the disastrous incident, which have been widely shared on social media, show a young child with his bloodied fingers caught in the escalator.

The two-year-old boy was playing with his four-year-old sister at an escalator of a shopping centre while their parents were shopping nearby, according to Malaysian newspaper The Star.

Pictures show a toddler with his fingers caught in a Malaysian shopping centre escalator.
A toddler caught his fingers in a Malaysian shopping centre escalator. Source: 999 Malaysia / The Star

Moments later, the boy’s hand became stuck in the edge of the escalator.

A security guard reportedly heard the boy’s father yelling for help and pushed the emergency stop button.

"The boy's index and middle fingers got stuck into the escalator plate," a Johor Fire and Rescue Department spokesperson told The Star.

The child’s hand was stuck for about 10 minutes until the emergency workers arrived to free him.

The skin on the boy’s hand was reportedly torn up to his wrist.

"There was so much blood and I could see the bones on my son's hand. I almost fainted,” the boy’s father Ng Wei Kang, 30, told The Star.

The boy was taken to Penang Hospital, where an X-ray reportedly revealed none of the boy's fingers were broken.

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