Photo shows monkeys on murderous rampage after dog killed baby monkey

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Monkeys have reportedly taken revenge on dogs in a small Indian village by climbing to great heights and dropping them.

In bizarre scenes, monkeys have gone on a rampage in Majalgaon and nearby Lavool, News 18 reports.

In Majalgaon, 250 dogs have been killed in the past month – reportedly at the hands of monkeys grabbing them, climbing up buildings and dropping them. In nearby Lavool, which has a population of 5000 people, there is reportedly not a single dog left.

A photo taken by News 18 journalist Suresh Jadhav shows one of the monkeys carrying a dog away.

A monkey seen carrying a dog in a village in India.
A monkey seen with a puppy during one of the reported attacks. Source: News 18/ Suresh Jadhav

Villagers have claimed the monkeys are killing dogs after a dog killed a small monkey. The attacks are only escalating too with reports the monkeys are also attacking people now.

There are also reports some men have become injured trying to stop the monkeys from killing dogs.

Two monkeys have been captured, NDTV reported citing news agency ANI. They have been transported to Nagpur, about 470km northeast where they will be released into a forest.

Sachin Kand, forest officer for the Beed district, confirmed the capture of the two monkeys “involved in the killing of many puppies” to ANI.

However, according to New Delhi news site WION, reports of the dogs attacking a monkey are based on hearsay evidence and while dogs have died it is possible many were killed because they were taken to rooftops and left there to starve.

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