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Photo reveals clue in quest to find owner of GoPro lost at sea for four years

A kind-hearted beachgoer is on a mission to reunite a barnacle-covered GoPro with its owner after he found it in the ocean.

Jeffery Heim was diving for shark teeth at Caspersen Beach in Venice, Florida, when he discovered the camera.

After giving it a quick charge, Mr Heim took to Twitter to share the last image taken on it, dating back four years ago.

Jeffrey Heim takes to Twitter to reunite GoPro with owner after finding it in ocean.
The last picture taken on a GoPro found by a diver in Florida. Source: Twitter/Jeffrey Heim

“Found this in the ocean today, still works and this is the last picture taken on it from 4 years ago,” Heim wrote on Sunday.

He said it also looked to have had some snapshots taken from the couple’s wedding.

His chances of finding the rightful owners were given an extra boost when GoPro’s official Twitter account shared the post, encouraging their followers to retweet.

As of Tuesday more than 2000 people have shared the post.