Why this photo is causing phones to crash

Over the past few days, an image of a landscape has been circulating on the web that, when set as a wallpaper on an Android phone, causes devices to crash.

Recently various media have been reporting on an image that causes Android devices to crash when it's set as a wallpaper.

So what exactly is this image, where did it come from and why does it brick Androids? 

While the origin of this seemingly innocuous landscape image hasn't been identified, the notable tech leaker Ice Universe was among the first to publicly share the image with a warning explaining what setting this photo as a wallpaper could do to a phone, particularly Samsung devices.

Essentially, Android phones with this image as a wallpaper will crash and then be stuck in a loop of the lockscreen being activated and deactivated.

Evidently, this is caused by the colours in the image, as altering them a small amount prevents devices from being bricked.

Thankfully, setting the images as a wallpaper won't permanently brick a phone.

In most cases, devices can be fixed by simply deleting the file or resetting the phone.

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