'I cried watching it': Philippines wants to bring back death penalty for Aussie paedophile accused

WARNING: Graphic content

Philippines officials are reportedly considering bringing back the death penalty for an Australian man accused of horrific brutal sex attacks on children.

Peter Scully allegedly filmed the despicable sex crimes, some committed against an 18-month-old baby, and sold the sex videos for up to $10,000 to European and American buyers.

The worst of the videos, dubbed Daisy's Destruction, allegedly shows an 18-month-old baby girl tied upside down by her feet, sexually assaulted and bashed by two of Scully's masked and naked Filipino girlfriends.

The content in the video is so horrific, top investigators in the Philippines were brought to tears.

"I cried when I was watching them... in fact I feel like crying just now while talking about it," prosecutor Ruby Malanog reportedly told the court.

"It was hard to believe what I was seeing... that somebody could do those things to children."

Peter Gerald Scully of Australia walks in handcuffs as he arrives at Cagayan de Oro city. Photo: AAP
Peter Gerald Scully of Australia walks in handcuffs as he arrives at Cagayan de Oro city. Photo: AAP

In the confronting vision, the little girl reportedly screams and cries as she is beaten, raped, tortured and defiled by Scully and the two women.

According to court documents, Scully groomed his victims, luring them in and assuring their parents the girls would be fed and get a good education.

But according to two alleged victims, sisters Queenie and Daisy aged just nine and 12, Scully detained them with dog collars and forced them to perform sex acts on each other.

The duo managed to escape and alert authorities.

Scully was arrested last year in the Philippine city of Malaybalay and has pleaded not guilty to charges of rape and trafficking.

There is also allegations police found an 11-year-old girl's remains buried under Scully's kitchen after his arrest.

It is believed that victim was also featured in at least one of Scully's alleged films, where she was sexually abused and strangled.

Two teenage girls were also allegedly found naked and chained in another apartment, rented by Scully.

According to reports, Scully allegedly used a lighter, hot wax, barbed wire and sex toys in a number of videos to torture the girls.

Other girls were reportedly raped as they were forced to dig their own graves.

New Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte has previously said he will urge Congress to re-instate the death penalty, for those who commit heinous crimes including rape.

“If I had my choice it would be death for Scully – I want it to happen,” chief prosecutor Jaime Umpa reportedly told the court.

“We have to send a strong message to others that if they come to the Philippines and torture and abuse our children ... they will be investigated with the full force of the law.”

Scully had the first of his 75 charges read to him in court this week. It's expected the trial for all 75 charges could last years.

Chief prosecutor, Jaime Umpa, said that if the death penalty was not reintroduced his only option would be to push for Scully to serve 100 years in jail.

Umpa said due to Philippine law, the Melbourne man may potentially serve 30 years and then be deported to Australia for the rest of his incarceration.

During Scully's court hearings he reportedly laughed, joked and acted nonchalant about his alleged crimes.

Alejandra Jose Pallugna, Scully’s lawyer, quit in August and said he was “mightily sick” of Scully treating jail like a holiday, demanding a mobile phone and fresh chicken, beef and pork.

Scully fled his home in Melbourne in 2011 after being wanted for fraud and started a new life in the Philippines.

A large portion of physical evidence against Scully was destroyed in a fire last year, including a video camera, a computer and a memory card.