Phil Spencer and his siblings speak out after parents’ tragic death

Phil Spencer and his siblings have spoken out after parents’ tragic death (Handout)
Phil Spencer and his siblings have spoken out after parents’ tragic death (Handout)

Phil Spencer and his siblings have spoken out after their parents’ tragically died in a car accident on their farm on Friday (August 18).

The Location, Location, Location presenter’s mother Anne, 82, and father David, 89, died when their car veered off the road and into a stream while on their way to lunch.

The 53-year-old shared the news of their death on Instagram at the time, in which he detailed their last moments and said the family are “desperately sad and shocked beyond all belief”, but are clear that “if there can ever be such a thing as having a ‘good end’ – this was it”.

In the wake of the tragedy, the property expert and his siblings have remembered their parents, reflecting on the “idyllic life” they gave them growing up on the family farm.

Speaking about their parents love story, the TV star’s sister Helen recalled their father buying their home, Lower Garrington Farm, in the early 1960s and showing the farmhouse to their mother Anne before asking her to marry him.

Jokingly describing the place as a bit of a “state” back then, she told KentOnline: “It clearly didn’t put her off and they were married at Canterbury Cathedral on November 4, 1964.”

His brother Robert, who took over the farm when their father retired, added: “It was a mixed farm back then with a bit of everything going on, so Dad had very little downtime and was grateful for all the help he got from fellow farmers when he was starting out.

“His passion was growing hops and he was very sad to have to give that up in the 90s because it was no longer viable. They gave us an idyllic life as kids growing up on the farm. They would have never left the farmhouse, which will always be the hub of the family.”

While the Channel 4 presenter shared his gratitude for the outpouring of condolences from fans, friends and locals, telling the outlet: “We cannot thank everyone enough for their kind words and thoughts about our parents at this difficult time.”

Spencer received an outpouring of condolences from his TV colleagues after his parents died over the weekend after he shared news of their death on Instagram.

His post was met with a wave of support from many of his peers, including his long-time Location, Location, Location co-host Kirstie Allsopp, who asked fans to join her in “sending so much love” to the presenter.

Following Allsopp’s lead, fellow broadcasters Ben Fogle, Craig Doyle, Amanda Lamb, Charlotte Hawkins and TV chef Phil Vickery were among the notably names sharing their sympathies.