Petition launched to free Kesha from Sony


An online petition has been launched to have popstar Kesha's contract with Sony terminated.

The singer launched legal action against Sony Music Entertainment this year, claiming they turned a blind eye to the sexual, physical, verbal and emotional abuse she was allegedly subjected to by producer Dr Luke (Lukasz Gottwald).

The Care2Petition claims Kesha hasn't released new music since 2013 because of the lawsuit and it aims to gather 55,000 signatures to urge Sony to terminate Kesha's contract with Dr Luke.

More than 54,000 people have already signed the petition targeted at Doug Morris, the CEO of Sony Music Entertainment.

"Kesha's contract with Dr. Luke's Kemosabe Records label, which is housed under Sony, prevents her from recording with anyone else until she has created 8 more records," reads the petition, written by Ribecca Pimmel.

Pimmel states that Kesha has filed an injunction that would prevent Dr Luke from interfering with her signing with another label.

"Dr. Luke has counter-sued her for defamation, and now both cases are tied up in the courts - further jeopardizing the singer/songwriter's career.".

Pimmell says that Sony could end all of this right now by terminating Kesha's contract.

"Please sign the petition to tell Sony to #FreeKesha: Don't force her to work with her alleged abuser!" the petition says.