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Pet parents say they 'would marry' this hair-busting broom — and it's only $13 at Amazon

You love your pet — but the constant shedding? Eh, not so much. And while vacuums can do a great job, sometimes you need a tool that'll get down deep into those carpet fibers to remove all of that excess hair. The cleaning helper that Amazon customers are reaching for is the FURemover Pet Hair Broom, which has rubber bristles specifically designed to grab and lift fur balls that are matted down into your floors. Yes, it's official: Sweeping your rug is now a thing (and one with rewarding results).

This yellow broom is anything but mellow when it comes to busting pet hair. 

$13 at Amazon

While it's called a broom, the FURemover is really more like a rake for your floor in that it doesn't merely sweep hair around, it actually yanks it up for easier removal. You can use it on pretty much any type of flooring — whether it's carpet, hardwood, linoleum, tile — as well as heavily trodden furniture like your couch. Even if you plan on vacuuming, it would be wise to give your floors a once-over with this first so as not to jam up your rollers. You'll be astonished by how much hair the broom is able to extract (check out some reviewer photos for a glimpse!). And since the bristles are made of rubber, they're a cinch to clean.

The FURemover's telescopic handle can be extended from 36 to 60 inches — a feature that'll come in handy, should you choose to use its built-in squeegee to give your windows or shower doors a wipe-down. And seeing that cheery yellow color might just make you look forward to cleaning!

someone using the furemover to remove pet hair from carpet next to a smiling dog
You'll be smiling as much as this pup once you see how much pet hair the FURemover is able to lift from your floors.

What reviewers say

Over 63,000 Amazon customers swear by the FURemover so much, they've given it a perfect rating.

"I would marry this broom if it was more legal and less weird," joked a happy shopper. "I would like to personally thank whoever created this because it's a game changer. I've got a cat that sheds 'puffs' of long fine hair and a dog that sheds individual strands of coarse short hair. This broom picks it all up and keeps it well collected. I don't have to deal with those dust bunnies that sort of float away. I've used it on the knit-like fabric of my couch and it worked great. I also had success with a short-pile rug. I used it on a sisal rug, with moderate success."

"This is great for an allergy sufferer like myself," wrote another impressed reviewer. "I have two cats that run around after each other, ripping each other's hair out. Everyday sweeping with a regular broom or stick vacuum would have most hair flying in the air. Exactly 10 minutes after, I am sneezing up a storm. This broom is a godsend! When you sweep, the hair just rolls and stays on the ground, and it collects sooo much because half of it isn't flying in the air you breathe! This also sweeps up all the litter and dust just fine. I never use my old broom anymore!"

"I do not have any pets that shed; however, I have very thick hair and a lot of it," explained a final fan. "I shed constantly, and in great quantities. ... I decided to try this product to prevent a clogged vacuum, and hoo boy did it WORK. Even after a few swipes, I was visibly seeing hair pile up. The longer I used it, the more hair I was seeing. By the end, I had a handful of hair (too embarrassed to post a pic of it, but trust me, it was nasty). ... My sole complaint is that the rake REEKS of rubber. It smells like a tire shop straight from the box. I did air it out for a day before I used it, and it still stunk, but I have hope it will get better with time and a good cleaning. Honestly, it works so well that I do not care if it doesn't come out."

Bye bye, fuzzy floors!

$13 at Amazon

And don't forget the always popular ChomChom as a handheld hair remover!

This reusable hair remover doesn't rely on rolls of sticky tape — just roll it over furniture, pillows and more, and prepare to be amazed by how much it traps in its fur compartment. 

$25 at Amazon

"I am stunned by how much this little thing picks up," raved a convert. "After some initial success on furniture, I thought I'd see what it could get off the rug. It picked up nearly as much hair and debris off the rug as my robot vacuum, in less time and silently. Seriously, if they made a large version of this with a broom handle, I'd get rid of the vacuum entirely." (They should check out the FURemover!)

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