Why this pet owner was horrified after spotting blue gel in a park

A woman is cautioning fellow dog owners after she stumbled across what looked like rat poison at a local park.

The woman shared the photos to a community Facebook group, warning people to be careful if they walk their dogs in Talobilla Park in the Queensland suburb of Kippa-Ring.

The woman said she was strolling through the park with her two dogs earlier this week when she came across what she believed to be rat poisoning pellets in the grass.

“There were multiple piles of what looked like Ratsak (rat poison) on the fields near the Padres, the bridge to the PCYC and further round on the stretch from the softball club to Newport roundabout,” the concerned woman wrote on Facebook.

A woman expressed her concern after finding what she believed to be Ratsak in a park, while walking her dogs. Source: Facebook.

She said it looked like the rain had ‘melted’ the pellets.

Some people suggested the pellets could have just been fertiliser.

“Every time at this point of the year the council fertilises the fields during the off-seasons,” one person said.

Others said they appreciated the woman looking out for other dogs.

“Best to be aware, you never know what some people are capable of,” one person wrote.

“Thanks for caring,” another said.

Ratsak provides “innovative rodent control solutions, according to their website, including several baiting options”.

Ratsak suggests getting your pet to the vet immediately if its believed they ingested the rat poisoning.

The website warns symptoms could show up right away or take a few days.

The typical signs of poisoning are seizures or muscle tremors, vomiting, diarrhoea, bleeding, excessive salivation, rapid or laboured breathing, behavioural changes, excessive licking or pawing of mouth, swelling, red skin, ears, or eyes and changes to body temperature.

The suspected rat poison was found at Talobilla Park (pictured) in Queensland. Source: Google Maps.

In November last year, balls of meat filled with Ratsak were found along popular dog walk routes in Sydney, which at least one dog, a Labrador named Murphy ate and was sick for two days.

This July, a member of the public took it upon themselves to make signs to alert people of a “vile, heartless person” who was putting dog bait along a walking track.

The sign was posted along the walking track at Woy Woy, and alleges someone was baiting dogs using poisonous Smackos.

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